Yes, a job in Sweden!

This means…
  • Ending the cycle of rejections, CV edits, and job applications that go nowhere.
  • A stable income.
  • Feeling peace again that you can financially support yourself and your family.
  • A secure work permit and relief from the stress of a visa deadline.
  • Being appreciated for your expertise.
  • Feeling like you’ve been accepted into Swedish society and like you finally belong.

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to get a job in Sweden, you need to understand how the process works in Swedish culture.
You need to learn how to crack the Swedish code.
However, instead you’re still experiencing…
  • Sending out tons of CVs but never getting a response
  • Rejection emails that lower your confidence with every new arrival
  • Long hiring processes that don’t end in job offers
  • Wondering why it’s so hard to make friends or professional connections
  • Not knowing what you’re doing wrong because in your home country, you make friends and find jobs easily
  • Feeling lonely and frustrated because the Swedes are unresponsive to your socializing attempts
Can you find any of these relatable?

Can you imagine?

…getting a job in Sweden without going through the feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and rejection?

…how different life would be if you just figured out how to play by the rules that all the native Swedes play by?

You could have a steady income and a full-time job, and sleep peacefully knowing that you and your family are financially safe.

You could buy your own home, and release yourself from the stress of waiting in a queue for a first-hand contract apartment.

You could get a work visa and remove the ticking clock telling you that "time is almost up to find a job, time to go back home!” You get to stay in Sweden.

You could find professional opportunities with ease, such as new clients for your business or expand your friend circle with the native Swedes.

You could feel like you are a part of the community and belong. There will be so many fika invitations!

You could find your dream job… and get a referral there within only 1-2 months time!
If you want to learn how to get a job quickly in Sweden, then we have the perfect offer for you…

Network Your Way
to a Job in Sweden

Learn how to crack the Swedish code and network your way to a job in as little as 1-2 months

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Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden

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Here is what you get inside of

Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden

Course Content
An introduction to the course and how to use it.
Our Swedish cultural training to learn the secrets they don’t tell you (approved by Swedish HR, recruiting professionals, and career coaches) to increase your professional network.
Our two unique frameworks on how to be accepted into Swedish culture (works for any culture!) so that you can improve your chances of getting a second interview.
Powerful and effective networking techniques that will grow your contact list 3X in ONE WEEK! Also includes advice for introverts, those who don’t know how to speak Swedish, and how to get “in” when you know no one in Sweden.
Step-by-step simple instructions on how to make a strategy and accomplish a specific goal. Comes with a workbook so that you can quickly find your dream job!
Downloadable templates and workbooks to help you set your goal, make a plan, and organize your growing contact list. Use our template guides to manage your new contacts strategically!

What makes "Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden" Different?

Made by internationals, for internationals

Our course is made for internationals by internationals. We see the blind spots that native Swede course creators might not experience. And most importantly, we walked the exact path you are walking now – and made it to the other side! We have the best insight for the task at hand.

Two signature frameworks
We have two unique frameworks. One is called “The Swedish Dance” which teaches you how to understand Swedish interpersonal communication, otherwise known as “How to get a Swede to invite you out for fika.” Our second is called “The Spectrum of Comfort”— this powerful framework teaches you WHY you hit so many roadblocks and challenges when trying to fit into Swedish society, and then teaches you how to be accepted into Swedish society while at the same time embracing and keeping your own cultural identity. This is made to fit any culture – it works no matter which country you are from!
Made for ambitious professionals

This course was made to serve a specific group of people – the ambitious, highly skilled and educated group of international professionals who often feel like the resources already available aren’t enough.

Perhaps you need more information beyond “how to network”— perhaps you want to know how to get a job offer in only 1-2 months and you’re willing to put in the work. This course is for those ambitious, high-performing individuals who want more meat and SUBSTANCE in their content! This is not a course for beginners.

Fast results
Since the material is lean and effective, you will get results FAST if you truly apply yourself. Many of our students who completed the course were able to report a tangible, measurable result within 2 weeks.
Examples include invites to meet from recruiters, over 20 new contacts, and an increase in response rate when using our messaging templates.
If you apply yourself fully, you will see results quickly (within 1-2 weeks). Many of our students saw a major breakthrough in their job search that include job offers in less than 8 weeks of finishing the course.

Are you ready to network your way to a job in sweden?

When you enroll today, you’ll get:
  • A Swedish cultural training guide 3000kr
  • Two unique frameworks to adapt to Swedish culture 10,000kr
  • Guide on powerful networking techniques 30,000kr
  • Instructions on how to make a strategy 2000kr
  • Templates and workbooks 1000kr
  • Bonus Video #1, #2, #3 3000kr
  • Total Value 49,000kr ($5000)
*The above services are valued according to the cost of paid consultations and research made to gather information for the course, external courses taken and books read to extract insights, the cost of one-on-one career coaching, and the value of products when sold separately, such as workbooks or templates.

Did you know that it takes the international job seeker an average of 12-18 months to find a job in Sweden?

A 1 week investment to save yourself 12-18 months of struggle is well worth it!
For the cost of just one week round-trip on the Stockholm train you have the opportunity to condense 12-18 months down to just 1-2 months.
Why are we selling this course for such a low price
when it’s valued so high?

01. We are a new company and want to build trust with the international community first.

Let us prove our credibility with YOUR successful results! Eventually we plan on raising the price in the future and releasing more courses, so now is your best chance to try our products at a lower cost.

02. We know that many of our students are struggling financially when they find us due to the common struggle of being unable to get a job.

We want to make this product affordable, while also making sure to cover our own costs of operation.

Bonus Videos

In addition to everything inside of “Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden,” we’re also going to throw in 3 bonuses to help you get to your dream job (or client) as quickly as possible!
Video workshop on building your network quickly

Video workshop on personal branding

Video workshop on 3-part guide to succeeding in the Swedish job market
We want you to feel comfortable with your investment, and understand that we need to first earn your trust.

That is why we have a refund policy to ease your fears.

01. We have unique frameworks that have not yet existed until creation of the course.

If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t tried this method! They are labeled as “The Swedish Dance” and the “Spectrum of Comfort” within the course. If you find our signature frameworks existing (for example, on Google or a blog post) on how to adapt to Swedish culture before the course was published (February 2022), we will FULLY REFUND you!

To proceed with a refund request, please provide a link to the website with information in a screenshot including when the page was published, or include the document if in that format plus evidence of when it was published. The frameworks must be more than 80% identical to be considered previously existing.
02. We GUARANTEE at least one referral by the end of this course!

If you complete the course in it’s entirety, including the templates and workbooks, have put the methods into practice and did not receive a referral within 2 months time, we will FULLY REFUND you.

To proceed with a refund request, please provide the completed workbooks, show a screen shot that you have completed each section of the course (with check marks visible), and screenshots that you have attempted to message at least 5 people using our messaging templates. Also provide the date you started and completed the course.
We care deeply about your results and want you to SUCCEED! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to support!
Email us at

Our course is hosted on our partner’s platform, Newbie Guide to Sweden— one of the first brands with a credible reputation established over 10 years ago to help internationals adapt to Swedish culture.

About Us

We founded Intertalents in Sweden™ because of a common scenario – we were three foreign-born professionals who had struggled to find work in Sweden despite being highly qualified. We had the same stories, too: applying for hundreds of jobs with seemingly perfect CV’s but little response, depression creeping in due to constant rejections from the Swedish job market, the confusion of being highly skilled talent and yet no one wanted to hire us, and in some cases the clock ticking on a visa application that was soon to expire or dwindling funds of money.

Our founder, Amanda Herzog, had lived in Sweden the longest out of the three and experienced career success after a lot of trial and error within a four year period. She went from a marketing professional forced to survive by working in a restaurant to a full-time marketing position at Husqvarna AB after learning how to crack the Swedish Code.

She was fascinated how a few small changes to strategy and communication style in Sweden got her big results in the job search process. Then she met Aurora via networking, who was in the same exact situation she had been a year prior – a highly skilled professional working in a restaurant struggling with constant rejections and no understanding of why. She decided to try an experiment and gave Aurora some tips to try out that worked for her. Aurora got a job offer at her very next interview at Babyshop as a copywriter. 

We knew they were on to something. Finally, by the time we met Krasimir who was new to Sweden and on the hunt for a job, we decided to go on a mission to help not just him but all foreign-born professionals to skip the period of struggle which typically lasts 3-5 years of adjusting to the cultural codes within the Swedish job market. Krasimir now works as a freelance designer and had his first assignment a few months later.

We can now navigate the Swedish culture with a sense of stability, knowing and ease after collecting many years of education – some through life experiences, and some through professional services. Now we’re on a mission to give back to the expat community by offering a guiding light to those seeking success careers in Sweden. Our courses and programs are created from a place of compassion, experience, and credible backgrounds.


The course content is uploaded onto the Payhip and Newbie Guide to Sweden learning platform and is self-paced. Majority of the content is written in text, with three bonus videos, and several workbooks and templates included. There are no live lessons at the moment, though it could be introduced eventually.

Most students are able to complete the course within 8-10 hours total. This average is based on students from multiple cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and English-language levels.
You will have access to all course content forever, in accordance to the Terms and Conditions stated on the Newbie Guide to Sweden and Intertalents in Sweden websites.
This is for educated or experienced professionals who want a more ambitious guide on how to get a job in their chosen profession. This content works for those who live in Sweden or plan to move to Sweden in the near future. It is not suitable for those beginning a career or those who do not have a competitive professional background (i.e. blue color workers).

You can buy the course by clicking any of the purchase buttons where you will be redirected to our hosting platform Payhip. The course is also hosted on our partner’s learning platform, Newbie Guide to Sweden, which can be accessed directly from their website.

You can contact our team at
Still not sure if Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden is for you?
Still undecided?

This program is a perfect fit for:

  • Internationals or expats who either live in or plan to move to Sweden
  • Self-motivated individuals who are willing to put in the work to get results
  • Internationals or expats who either live in or plan to move to Sweden
    Self-motivated individuals who are willing to put in the work to get results
  • Intermediate or highly-skilled professionals, and additionally ambitious entry-level professionals (i.e. for higher-level strategies beyond foundational networking knowledge)
  • Those who want to improve their networking skills to reach specific goals, including both Swedish and non-Swedish backgrounds

This program is not a good fit for:

  • Those who don’t have a professional background or higher education who may prefer to seek blue collar work that doesn’t require higher education
  • Those who want an overnight fix. Ask yourself if you have the time, motivation, and dedication to follow the steps we will lay out for you and cultivate them as genuine, well-learned skills. If not, take a step back from this course and come back to us later when you’re ready.
  • Those who cannot take responsibility for their situation or be willing to face uncomfortable situations to expand and grow
  • Those who refuse to be open-minded towards other cultures (ex: blaming the differences in Swedish culture for their negative experiences instead of learning how to embrace and adapt to the culture)


When you enroll today
you'll get instant access to

A Swedish cultural training guide


Two unique frameworks to adapt to Swedish culture


Guide on powerful networking techniques


Instructions on how to make a strategy


Templates and


Bonus videos
#1, #2, #3


Today’s Price: 799kr ($75)