Here you can find some of our brand assets, as well as a quick reference to our company’s colors.


Although our standard logo is blue, please use the black or white variation when designing layouts that solely use black and white. Additionally, if the background is dark, the white version can be used to enhance visibility.

.jpeg, .png, .svg, .ai and .eps included in each download pack



Chalk Blue


R26 G40 B77

C98 M87 Y41 K40


Cotton White


R245 G245 B250

C3 M2 Y0 K0


Pastel Yellow


R250 G204 B125

C1 M20 Y59 K0


Tulsa Red


R184 G46 B31

C20 M94 Y100 K10


Calm Blue


R33 G74 B122

C96 M76 Y27 K12


Serenity Gray


R227 G232 B240

C9 M5 Y2 K0


Golden Brown


R227 G156 B51

C10 M42 Y93 K0


This is the official statement defining Intertalents in Sweden and its impact for inclusion on press communications, external releases and any other place boilerplates are needed.
Intertalents in Sweden™ is a company founded by all internationals who have themselves taken the journey to adapt successfully to Swedish culture and now wish to extend a guiding light to others on a similar path. They offer educational material, online courses, e-books and downloadable templates that empower foreign-born professionals towards career success in Sweden. Learn more at


Amanda Herzog (Founder)

Option 1

Amanda Herzog (Founder)

Option 2

Intertalents in Sweden Team

Option 1

Intertalents in Sweden Team

Option 2


Amanda Herzog (Founder)

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