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We help international job seekers to find their dream job in Sweden quickly with our online courses, e-books, consulting, videos, and more.

International professionals in Sweden often face challenges such as securing a job offer in their industry, obtaining a work visa in time, and finding jobs for English-speaking individuals.

At Intertalents in Sweden, we understand the difficulties that come with living and working in a new country. That’s why our goal is to help skilled and ambitious professionals like you, who are either living in Sweden or planning to do so, integrate into Swedish society faster and easier.

We believe that by learning how to navigate Swedish culture and Cracking the Swedish Code™ that internationals can find quality jobs that match their competency levels quickly.

We help make the transition process an empowering experience by offering online courses, e-books, consulting services, videos, and more that provide practical advice and insights that will help you adapt to Swedish culture and find a job that suits your skills and experience. With our support, you can reduce the integration period and start enjoying your new life in Sweden.

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Intertalents in Sweden™ was founded by three internationals who, at one point or another, decided to move to Sweden to start a new life abroad. All had individually struggled to adapt to the Swedish culture, both professionally and in personal lives.


A common bond formed that often does with those in this unique situation, and they began to share dreams of collaborating together for a bigger mission – to show other expats a faster way to career success in Sweden. Now they’re on a mission to give back to the expat community by offering a guiding light to those seeking success careers in Sweden.

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