Our goal is to help skilled and ambitious job seekers who are foreigners living in Sweden (or who plan to live in Sweden) to integrate into Swedish society easier. We hope to help job seekers find quality jobs that match their competency levels by learning how to navigate Swedish culture and to improve their networking skills at an above-average level.

Intertalents in Sweden’s mission is to facilitate the integration and employment of foreign-born professionals by helping them land their goal job faster in Sweden. Many expats claim it takes an average of 3-5 years to feel fully integrated and a part of Swedish culture as an ‘outsider,’ which can cause feelings of confusion, frustration and isolation.

With that, our aim is to make this transition process a more positive experience by facilitating feelings of empowerment instead of feeling like victims of their circumstances.

Our story

We founded Intertalents in Sweden™ because of a common scenario – we were three foreign-born professionals who had struggled to find work in Sweden despite being highly qualified. We had the same stories, too: applying for hundreds of jobs with seemingly perfect CV’s but little response, depression creeping in due to constant rejections from the Swedish job market, the confusion of being highly skilled talent and yet no one wanted to hire us, and in some cases the clock ticking on a visa application that was soon to expire or dwindling funds of money.

Our founder, Amanda Herzog, had lived in Sweden the longest out of the three and experienced career success after a lot of trial and error within a four year period. She went from a marketing professional forced to survive by working in a restaurant to a full-time marketing position at Husqvarna AB after learning how to crack the Swedish Code.

She was fascinated how a few small changes to strategy and communication style in Sweden got her big results in the job search process. Then she met Aurora via networking, who was in the same exact situation she had been a year prior – a highly skilled professional working in a restaurant struggling with constant rejections and no understanding of why. She decided to try an experiment and gave Aurora some tips to try out that worked for her. Aurora got a job offer at her very next interview at Babyshop as a copywriter. 

We knew they were on to something. Finally, by the time we met Krasimir who was new to Sweden and on the hunt for a job, we decided to go on a mission to help not just him but all foreign-born professionals to skip the period of struggle which typically lasts 3-5 years of adjusting to the cultural codes within the Swedish job market. Krasimir now works as a freelance designer and had his first assignment a few months later.

We can now navigate the Swedish culture with a sense of stability, knowing and ease after collecting many years of education – some through life experiences, and some through professional services. Now we’re on a mission to give back to the expat community by offering a guiding light to those seeking success careers in Sweden. Our courses and programs are created from a place of compassion, experience, and credible backgrounds.

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