We provide comprehensive professional services that include CV review, one-on-one consulting, speaking events and consultations for organizations.

One-On-One Consulting

Do you want one-on-one advice from job searching expert Amanda Herzog about working in Sweden?

Some of the topics you can discuss in a one-on-one consultation:

  • The best way to move to Sweden from abroad, including visa and job searching strategy
  • How to change your job search strategy if you keep getting rejections
  • Interview prep and mock interviews
  • How to improve your LinkedIn so that Swedish recruiters contact YOU
  • How to network in Sweden in order to reach a certain goal
  • How to fit in with Swedes when working with a Swedish organization


  • 30 minutes 400kr
  • 60 minutes 650kr

Ask One Question

Ask one question directly to Amanda and receive an email response within 24-48 hours.


  • Per question 50kr

CV Review

Submit your CV to Amanda for review and get her personalized feedback on your unique situation.

Service includes the following process: a short 15-minute online meeting where she asks you some questions about your professional background and goals, you submit your CV and other supporting materials (ex: LinkedIn, portfolio, website), and she records then sends a 15-30 minute video with personalized advice on how you can edit your CV to get better results.

Additional add-on service is available to send in your revised CV for review from Amanda a second time.


  • First Review 600kr
  • Second Review 300kr

Speaking Events and Consultations for Organizations

Ask Amanda to speak at your company or organization for special events, lectures, classes, or consulting projects. Some examples of topics she covers includes:
  • Speaking events with personalized advice for your audience on how to adapt to the Swedish market
  • Understanding the cultural differences when working with job seekers from other cultures
  • Teaching your employees or customers what to expect when relocating international team members


Starts at 1500 kr per hour