How to plan your Swedish job search according to hiring seasons

Sweden is a country that is known for sometimes doing things different in their hiring rituals, but often times these differences are not clear to the newcomer. When looking for a job in Sweden, many factors should be taken into consideration – updating your CV and LinkedIn, learning how to interview the Swedish way, and […]

First step to find a job in Sweden: Do I need a work permit or other visa?

My name is Amanda and I’m an American who has been living in Sweden for six years as of the time I write this article. During my time in Sweden, I have applied for four different visa types listed throughout this article, therefore I am writing this from a mix of personal experience and research. […]

Why the Swedish hiring market is in crisis and how to solve it

The Swedish hiring market is in crisis. Sweden is currently experiencing a talent shortage, threatening the economic competitiveness of the country in the worldwide marketplace. Total vacancies reported for the fourth quarter of 2021 were 43,664 and when compared to the previous year which amounted to 23,583, this is a 110% increase on an annual […]