Our goal is to help skilled and ambitious job seekers who are foreigners living in Sweden (or who plan to live in Sweden) to integrate into Swedish society easier. We hope to help job seekers find quality jobs that match their competency levels by learning how to navigate Swedish culture and to improve their networking skills at an above-average level.

Our target audience seeks the following:


Intermediate to advanced level education on job searching/ networking skills. A resource for already developed professionals who want to go to the next level (i.e. not for beginners, or only for motivated and ambitious entry-level)


For professionals who are working blue-collar jobs due to necessity, who want to upgrade to a professional career in Sweden (ex: an engineering professional with a degree who couldn’t find work for months so was forced to take a job at a warehouse to survive, and can’t break into the Swedish job market.)


For professionals who want to improve their skills, even if they already have a job. Since the information will be high-level (not for beginners), this may be appealing for them since they are underserved in this particular customer group.


We aim to work with several high-level partnerships, such as Universities, Arbetsförmedlingen, other diversity organizations, HR org. This will build credibility to our services but also allow us to expand marketing opportunities.


We provide high-quality learning material via online courses and e-books
that is simple, lean and effective to guide and empower foreign-born
professionals towards career success in Sweden. By achieving this we
aim to reduce inequalities on the labour market.

We want to improve the mental health of skilled, international talents
where we know long-time job search can lead to depression, loss of
dignity and self-esteem. It is especially difficult conducting a job search
in a country where the culture is not your own, and sometimes very
different from what you’re used to. 

We want to empower internationals to feel like they’re included in the
Swedish workforce by providing a toolbox of job searching skills made
specifically for the foreign-born job seeker.