"To empower all foreign-born professionals towards career success in Sweden."

Our mission is to facilitate the integration and employment of foreign-born professionals by helping them land their goal job faster in Sweden. Many expats claim it takes an average of 3-5 years to feel fully integrated and a part of Swedish culture as an ‘outsider,’ which can cause feelings of confusion, frustration and isolation.

Our aim is to make this transition process a more positive experience by facilitating feelings of empowerment instead of feeling like victims of their circumstances. We will achieve this by sharing key information to cracking the code of the Swedish culture, including often undiscussed, yet crucial topics.

& Vision


"To become the leading educational brand notorious for empowerment of the expat community and for our high-quality career educational content that delivers results and eases the difficulties of cultural integration in Sweden."

VIVID Vision:

For all foreign-born professionals who have a desire to create a life in Sweden, in a particular career, to have the opportunity to have whatever career they want.

To feel in control of their life, on an equal playing field as others, and to feel empowered on their job search journey. To feel educated, hopeful, and like they have a fair chance. Our goal is to help skilled and ambitious job seekers who are foreigners living in Sweden to integrate into Swedish society easier. 

We hope to help job seekers find quality jobs that match their competency levels by learning how to navigate Swedish culture and to improve their networking skills at an above-average level To become a well-known educational service for our niche in Sweden, to have a reputation of being credible, working with some of the biggest names and partners/collaborations in our industry. We attract partners, affiliate programs and collaborations with ease based on our good quality content and reputation.

Being known as a trustworthy resource with educational material that is high quality, easy to understand, lean but efficient, no-fluff content that is hard?hitting and really delivers results. Customers feel like their money was well spent for the value they got, as well as affordable (depending on who the audience is, i.e. individuals or companies) and professional.

To combine mental health topics with practical topics in job search, advocate for empowerment of mental health and care during the job search as an expat in Sweden.